The Genocide


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"Nobody will protect us"


"The present Western policy of playing down genocide and hoping it will peter out has proved to be bankrupt practically as well as morally.

Granted, there are no neat solutions in Darfur. But ignoring brutality has only magnified it, and it's just shameful to pretend not to notice

the terrified villagers here, huddling with their children each night and wondering when they are going to be massacred."


Nicholas Kristof,

Writing from the Chad-Sudan border

The New York Times







Interactive Feature: Why Should We Care?


June 2, 2005

Nicholas D. Kristof responds to a letter writer who questions the involvement of the U.S. in African problems like Darfur.



Link to all of Kristof's NY Times articles on Darfur:,%20GENOCIDE%20AND%20CRIMES%20AGAINST%20HUMANITY&v2=Kristof








March, 2005


Brian Steidle,a former U.S. Marine, recently returned from working with with the African Union monitoring team in Darfur.

His photos are on this website Warning: they are graphic.