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'Jesus Camp' Questions:  Please answer for Homework (Email NOT in an attachment)  DUE: Posted on Blackboard

1. Could you tell from watching the documentary what opinion the directors have about what they were filming? Explain
2. Google 'Jesus Camp' to find out what happened to Pastor Becky and Ted Haggard.

3. Explain your thoughts on the separation of Church and State.

4. How would you describe the difference between education and brainwashing. Respond to the following in your answer:
Hitler is famous for saying: "Give me a child when he's 7 and he's mine forever." St. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits said:
     "Give me the child for seven years, and I will give you the man
     Do you believe this?  Has anyone 'molded' you? Who? How?
Has your Religious Education been different from "Jesus Camp"  How?

5. Do you believe that extreme militant fundamentalism can be harmful: to individuals and society?  Explain

6. Watch (from home) this brief video on a Madrassa in Afghanistan. Identify any similaries/differences to what you saw in 'Jesus Camp'?

7.  Read about what has just happened in Indiana and may also happen in Iowa. State your opinion about it.
    Then explain what the Catholic Church thinks about this issue.

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