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We will now use the tools of Gospel Values and Catholic Social Teaching to evaluate what happened to the indigenous peoples in America.

We will discuss your thoughts/reactions to the readings you will do for homework, and we will have 2 Seniors report to uswhat they

saw/learned/experienced on the Pine Ridge Reservation this past summer.


  1. Please READ (or review if I’ve already given you this assignment) The 1st Chapter of the Howard Zinn text (vol.1) pp 1-17.

  2. Then please go to the following Links and read as much as you are able to. I will WARN you: they contain graphic descriptions of atrocities suffered by Native Americans, so only read what you think you can handle. Be primarily looking for the attitudes and motivations that drove the atrocities.

  3. When you are finished all of the readings, please WRITE a statement (about a paragraph) that explains your position on whether or not the extermination of millions of our indigenous peoples should be called ‘genocide’. from Religious What happened to the Native Americans should be referred to as Genocide. from The American Indian Genocide Museum: Genocide: From the point of view of the tribes themselves.  An article from a respected historian who questions whether or not what happened to the American Indians should be referred to as genocide.