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"The images above reveal the brain activity of a normal child (left) and an institutionalized romanian orphan who was neglected in infancy (right).

 The blue and black tones show that brain areas such as the temporal lobes, which oversee emotion among other functions, are practically

inactive in the romanian child compared to the healthy child."


The Journal of Neuroscience




I MUST Speak for the Orphans!

Posted by: Sara & Lily  

March 13, 2006

Hi, my name is Sara. Please listen to someone who has lived in a Romanian Orphanage. I MUST speak for the children that I left behind NOW.
I believe I am the most blessed teenager in the entire world. However my life has not always been wonderful ... actually the first couple of years were the opposite. In 1989 in Bucharest, Romania ... my birth mother put me in Orphanage # 1 when I was born. I was still there in 1991, when my mom came and adopted me. I remember the pain of being all alone and frightened. That is why I am sad for the children that have to suffer every single day. I MUST speak for them NOW!
I was two years old when I came to my new country, America. Unfortunately I was developmentally like a 6 month old and very sick. I couldn’t walk, talk or eat solid foods. 6 months later the doctors told my family I had chronic active Hepatitis B, (at that time it was an incurable fatal disease). When my mom found out about research that could help me at NIH we went to Washington DC for treatment. After two years of monthly trips to get Interferon, the disease converted and I have been healthy ever since!
That's pretty awesome but I still had more problems to take care of. You see the neglect and abuse at the orphanage caused developmental delays and emotional problems that love alone couldn't cure. When I was 3 years old I was labeled mentally retarded … I hate that word so please don’t use it! When I was 5 my mom worked hard to get me into a regular kindergarten and I have been included ever since. With a lot of therapy, support and accommodations … my inclusion is a real success! I am so delighted that I am included because it motivates me to keep on reaching for the highest stars plus I also have lots of great friends to help me along the way.
Over the past eight years I have been participating in brain research in Detroit to study how the abuse and neglect affected my brain. The PET scans helped us understand how my brain works. And ... their research also helps the world understand how important the first few years of life is for healthy brain development. The research is proof that the neglect in the orphanages is damaging to the children and MUST STOP NOW!
Right now, I am a freshman in a Performing Arts High School on a regular diploma track. For the first time in my life I am making straight A’s! My future goals are to graduate from high school, go to college and be a working actress. I am also a self advocate and want to speak out for all of the children who need a family to love and take care of them. My dreams are coming true because my mom loves and takes care of me. Every child deserves a family.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every child could be lucky like me and have someone to love and care for them too? Thank you, Ms Denisa Maruntoiu, for writing such an important article. You are a wonderful person to care so much. Now that we know what is really happening, it is up to each of us to do our very best to speak for the children that can’t speak for themselves.
We MUST STOP Lady Nicholson NOW! We MUST encourage the change to allow International adoption in Romania NOW!
We MUST find families and a real home for every child NOW!
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