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Volunteer in Romania
Care For Children and Teach English to Youth

A Global Volunteers participant with the babies in the hospital in Tutova, Romania

Care for infants in a "special needs" ward or teach English to teens and young adults in school classrooms in this old-world Eastern European country.

You don't need special skills to teach conversational English skills, or to nurture a disabled or abandoned baby. No matter the circumstances of their birth, infants, toddlers and teens understand the nurturing touch and kind words of a caring adult. Deserving children in our Romanian host communities eagerly await your help today.

       "We thank you for all you have done ...
            The children live because the volunteers keep coming."
            ~ Dr. Delia Asoltanei, Tutova Hospital

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Romania Volunteer Work Projects

Nothing says "love" like a child's smile! In Tutova, you can help feed and care for babies who arrive at the "failure-to-thrive ward" shortly after birth. Each day, volunteers stimulate, love and nurture them in a way a parent would. Just playing with these children will make a huge difference in their lives. And you will benefit from the healing smiles and warm hugs of your small charges. Physicians can also be helpful, but note: flexibility is key, as equipment and medicine are scarce throughout this country.
How do you thank someone for helping to make your dream come true?  My name is Laura Nunez and I just spent the last three weeks in Tutova, Romania, working with children at the Failure-to-Thrive clinic. 

I absolutely had the time of my life.  All of the children touched my heart especially, Ana-Maria Rancea, the little girl that I had the honor to work with.  Just to see her smile and laugh everyday made all the money I spent and the hours on the plane (I hate flying) well worth it. 

I plan to go back next year and I can't wait to see the babies again! I just wanted to thank Global Volunteers for helping me make my dream come true. Without your service program in Romania, that would not have been possible. 

This experience has truly been the best thing that has ever happened to me, the best money ever spent and the happiest I have EVER been.   

Thanks again, Laura Nunez, Bayside, NY

You can also choose to teach conversational English to middle school and high school students in Barlad. No formal teaching experience is required. You will serve as a resource in formal classrooms, practicing pronunciation and assisting with language exercises. This is an exceptional opportunity for retired and active teachers as well.

Romania Program Food, Lodging and Travel

Volunteers are met at the Bucharest airport by Global Volunteers' team leader who will spend the first night in a Bucharest hotel. The following day, the team leader will accompany you to Banca, near Barlad, where you'll stay at pleasant tourist-class hotel with a restaurant. Breakfast and dinner will be at the hotel or restaurants, with lunch served at or near the work sites. Romanians enjoy grilled meats, including mititei (meat balls shaped like cylinders) and patricieni (sausages). Another favorite food in Romania is mamaliga, a bread or mush made from corn meal, which can be cooked and served in many ways. Wine and a plum brandy called "tzuica" are popular drinks in Romania.

The middle school is in Barlad city proper. From Banca, hospital volunteers are transported to Tutova, about half an hour away. 

Romania Program Free Time

Volunteers may spend evenings socializing with local residents and attend folk music concerts. Weekend options include hiking the Carpathian mountains, tour the historic towns of Sinaia and Brasov, visiting the "Painted Monasteries", sunning on the Black Sea coast,  or soaking in the vibrant cultural scene of Iasi or Bucharest. Free-time arrangements and costs are your responsibility.


 Please sign up to make a difference in these children’s lives today! 
     Call one of our volunteer coordinators at 800-487-1074 to apply