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In 1997 Notre Dame's outreach to an institution for so called  'irrecuperable' children in Siret, Romania began. 



The old abandoned Children’s Neuropsychiatric Hospital, housing 1310 children at its height.

Reach to Romania sent graduated Seniors, alumnae and faculty to work with a volunteer group run by an Irish schoolteacher. 

Our purpose was to extend a human touch to these most forgotten and abused children. This program ran until 2003.

 Its improbable beginnings, including some poignant turns of life, were beautifully recounted by writer and NDP

alumna Kim Fernandez in the May 2000 issue of Baltimore Magazine


If, after reading this, you are inspired to connect with the children who are still in institutions in Romania
please contact me at

or call 410-825-6202 x1635.


Lucy Strausbaugh, M.S., LCPC

NDP Religion Department