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"Dangerous Memories"

'Christ of Maryknoll'

Br. R. Lentz, ofm


" No country may unjustly oppress others or unduly meddle in their affairs. As men in their private enterprises cannot pursue their

 own interests to the detriment of others, so too states cannot lawfully seek that development of their own resources which

brings harm to other states and unjustly oppresses them. "


Pope John XXII


"In order to experience and understand what it means to be a Christian,

it is always necessary to recognize a definite historical situation."


Johann-Baptist Metz




"If you ever work with the Americans, remember this. They have two human rights policies.

One they apply inside the United States.


The other they apply everywhere else in the world."


President Corizon Aquino,






Please read before you begin your 'B' Work:



The readings and articles contained in the links above provide information that may be unfamiliar to you.

They will help you to evaluate America's role in these historical events from the point of view of

Gospel Values and Catholic Social Teaching.


This information may challenge you , make you uncomfortable, upset, even angry. It is not the 'official' version

of these events, but is from the 'other side' that is rarely represented in the American press and mass media. It is

the point of view from the 'bottom': from the poor, from church and human rights workers, from witnesses,

citizens and journalists who are courageous enough to both dig for and disseminate their 'truth'. 


These truths are not absolute, but they provide a spiritual and political challenge to us

as Catholic Christian American Citizens:


Our Political challenge is how to determine WHO to believe, what IS true, and IF we have

a responsibility to ACT.


Our Spiritual challenge is:  to open ourselves to the possibility of 'Seeing The World With New Eyes':

to see the world and these events through the eyes of the poor and marginalized,

which is where the Scriptures tell us we will find God.


And our ultimate spiritual challenge is: What do we Do with this knowledge...?



You will be taking a journey as you research your topic.  You will be going places you've never gone before.

Keep in mind the image presented to you below:


Which do we choose?

Where do we find God?


The Works of Mercy   or   The Works of War  ?


How are we being called to live as Catholic Christian American Citizens in our world today?



rita corbin