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Then read Invisible Childrens' answers to their many critics, who for the most part,
are ignorant of their mission and history:

Please read Nicholas Kristoff's response to all of IC's 'armchair critics':


The International Criminal Court's Support
of the KONY 2012 Campaign:


BBC News:

Invisible Children's Kony campaign gets support of ICC prosecutor

The International Criminal Court's chief prosecutor has said he supports a new campaign to capture alleged Ugandan war criminal Joseph Kony.

Louis Moreno Ocampo said the social media campaign by Invisible Children had "mobilised the world".

The US group's half-hour film on the use of child soldiers by Kony's Lord's Resistance Army has been viewed nearly 20 million times on YouTube.

However, critics have questioned the campaign's content and credibility.

The group aims to bring Kony to justice at the ICC, where he is charged with crimes against humanity.

But bloggers accused Invisible Children of spending most of its raised funds on salaries, travel expenses and film-making.

Some local journalists and activists in Uganda have also called the campaign "patronising", while analysts have said it fails to fully reflect the reality on the ground.

The ICC's chief prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo has defended the "Kony 2012" creators.

"These are just a bunch of kids from California, they could be off surfing or whatever but they're not," he said.

"They're giving a voice to people who before no-one knew about and no-one cared about and I salute them."

Mr Ocampo appears in the Kony 2012 campaign video.

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