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JUNE 2013
Ms. Strausbaugh



You are going to do the same thing for your FINAL Exam that you did for your 1st Semester Exam: Create your own exam and then take it
Below are guidelines for content and format. Remember that you have to work for at least an hour, so make your essay questions challenging. 
 You will not bring in notes or books- just an unanswered copy of your exam. 
Be sure to provide enough space in your exam for your essay questions.

Be creative and have fun with this!  Remember- do your one funny question!


Everything from the 3rd and 4th Quarters:

 1. Fundamentalism:

  • NOTES 

  •  Jesus Camp

2. Social Justice:

  • NOTES on Gospel Values/ Catholic Social Teaching
  • LINKS on Gospel Values and Catholic Social Teaching:


4. Racism:

5. Sexuality:

      6. Journaling/'Coincidences'

  •  Discuss what you learned this year from Journaling every
     week, looking at 'Coincidences' in another way, and listening
     to what others in class shared about their God experiences.





Please include all of the following kinds of questions.
The Objective questions are about facts.
The Subjective questions use the facts to make larger points
Please show me that you understand the big picture about what all of these facts add up to and mean.


Objective Questions:

15 Multiple Choice

10 Fill in the Blank

10 True / False

10 Matching

Subjective Questions:

10 Short Answer Questions: 3-5 sentences.

3 Essay Questions: 1page each.


Here are your 2 REQUIRED ESSAY questions: You are to make up your own for the 3rd.

1. Using what you learned about sexuality in class, and using current examples from society,
    please show how the following is true:

     a. “America is weird about sex’; and

     b. Catholic teaching about sex is counter-cultural.

2Show how the Principles of Catholic Social Teaching could solve the problems and
     injustices shown in “The Boys of  Baraka”.  Please be specific.



50 % of your grade will be on how you put together your exam. You must show that you understand what information is most important,
and what information is supportive detail.

50% of your grade will be how well you answer the questions.  I expect that your answers will be ‘correct’, but they must also show a depth of understanding.

Objective Section: 50 points.

Subjective Section: 50 points

~  ~  ~

And Have a Wonderfully Slothful Summer!