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Directions: Before you answer these questions please read all of the information on these links about the film and the boys, including the review and updates and Murder, Inc.

1. What was your experience of watching this film?  What feelings, thoughts, questions did you have?

2. What new information did you learn?  What do you now know about your city that you didn't before?

3. What strikes did this boys have against them at birth?

4. What advantages did you have at birth?

5. What do you think that Jesus would say to us as more priveleged suburbanites?  What do you think he would suggest as solutions to these problems?

6. Why do you think the documentary , and the school, focused just on boys?  What are the risks they face in life if they aren't educated?

7. From what you know and read and see, what are the risks to young girls who grow up in the inner city of Baltimore?  What are their lives like if they aren't educated? If you are clueless about this, think about some of the boys' mothers.

8. Why does Roger Ebert say that what we are allowing to happen to these boys is a kind of 'genocide"?  Look up genocide if you don't know what it means.

9. You live 'here' and they live 'there'.  Do you feel an responsibility to respond to these injustices?  Watching the film, and reading the 'Update' article, do you feel your heart pulling you in any direction to help?  If so, how?