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Gandhi Leads The Great Salt March


First, they ignore you.

Then, they laugh at you.

Then, the fight you.

Then you win.




First Quarter Grade Contract Overview;

(See above links for important, specific directions)



C : 85   Submit  assignments on selected topics on time.

                   C Assignment #1: DUE:Fri. 9/19  3:00 p.m.

                   C Assignment #2: DUE:Fri. 9/26  3:00 p.m. Look for Direction on BB ANNOUNCEMENTS

B : 90: Submit  Bioethics Survey, on time ( see B Work Above).  Late papers will have 3 points taken off per day

                  late. Inadequate papers will be returned, and must be re-done to achieve reduced credit. 

                  DUE: Tues. 10/14  3:00 p.m.


A : 95: For your 'A' work this quarter, you will be asked to participate in a JUSTICE ACTION and process this experience by 

                   handing in a statement of what you did, and a brief reflection on how you were affected by you action if it was either a phone call or a   

                   public witness. If it was an e-mail to The White House, some other official or organization, just tell me in one sentence what you did.

                   DUE: WED. 10/22  3:00 p.m.


A+:100: Read a suggested book or watch a suggested movie. Write a one page typed reflection that includes the following:

                       1.  What was you emotional, feeling reaction to the book/movie?  Why?

                       2. What was your thinking reaction?  What questions do you still have?

                       3. What Gospel Values and Principles of CST were portrayed in the book/movie?

                       4. Resolve the central dilemma of the book/movie by answering the following question:

                            "What is the most loving, least harmful thing for everyone in the situation?     
DUE: WED. 10/22   3:00 p.m.