'Come and See'


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"I have rarely seen a film more ruthless in its depiction of human evil."

Roger Ebert
Chicago Sun-Times





I weep and I plead

But you will not hear

I beg for my God

That He might interfere

Please spare my children

Please spare my wife

Have you no heart?

No regard for life?

Are you still human

After all you've done?

Or is your only joy

The weight of your gun?

I don't see the reason

Why my kind is hated

Why we are enslaved

And exterminated

You treat us as livestock

We had hopes and dreams

But you crushed them with fire

You were deaf to our screams

But beneath all the fear

One emotion breaks through

Cold heavy pity

From the heart of this Jew

So shoot me and cheer

For the medals you've earned

But never forget

All the temples you've burned.


Anna Hiser


DIRECTIONS: Please READ the following information and articles and then ANSWER the questions at the bottom of the page.
                              You will not have to hand this in- please be prepared to discuss what you've written in our next class.


1. From a review of the movie by Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times on June 16, 2010
"It strains credulity to imagine Florya surviving all the horrors that he witnesses, but there was a real Florya, and Klimov's script was written with Ales Adamovich; Klimov told Ron Holloway in a 1986 interview, “Adamovich was the same age as the hero in the film. He and his family fought with the partisans and witnessed the genocide perpetrated by the Nazis on Belarussian soil.” Klimov added that his film was shot in Byelorussia (now known as Belarus) near where the events took place, and that he used no professional actors.

2. If you are curious about the little animal on the shoulder of the Nazi Commander: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Slender_Loris 



This afternoon when I was looking for Roger Ebert's review of "Come and See" online, I found the following statement.  It is from a discussion board on a national white supremacist neo-nazi hate group that has an active chapter in Rosedale, MD (where Golden Ring Mall used to be- now are big box stores- off Philadelphia Rd). I won't give you the name because it would not be safe for you to go there.

" 'Come and See', a Russian movie from the 1990s is just awesome. Despite being from the point of view of a Jewish Belorussian Partisan, it still has huge viewing pleasure for fans of the Third Reich. It takes my no.1 spot in a list of WWII related movies, probably even beats any war movie. Excellent scenes of Einsatzgruppen liquidation of Jews-and there is also an SS woman present at the destruction-who is sexy beyond belief. Could be just that any woman in SS cap etc. does it for me big time, and check out those swastika earrings ladies! "



After her 14+15 Religion class today (where she saw "Come and See") Marissa Kulis turned on her laptop and the following news story popped up on her home page:



This question is for the Thurs. mods 17+18 class who didn't get much time to discuss their reactions to the film: Please write about your reactions to the film and any questions it raised for you.

2. Please write what your thoughts about the neo-nazi hate group comment about the movie. Also, your thoughts on the fact that these people are active in Baltimore.

3. Here is a really challenging question about the boy who saved Hitler from drowning.  It will require you to assess what you really value and believe. If you had been that little boy, and had powers to
   see into the future what Hitler would become, would you still have saved him from drowning?  Yes, or no, and explain why.


If there is still time left in class and you have finished answering your questions, please read this article (from this week's NEWSWEEK) about the movie that Angelina Jolie
directed about the Bosnian Genocide: "In the Land of Blood and Honey." :